CIOR Seminar in January 2024

We are inviting you to an interesting CIOR Seminar in January 2024 with the title  « Strengthening relations between military and economy ».
The CIOR Seminar will take place from Sunday, January 28th until Tuesday, January 30th at the Theodor-Heuss Academy in Gummersbach – close to Bonn, Germany.
With Christmas approaching I would like to remind everyone to secure the tickets for the upcoming CIOR Seminar.

We have been able to compile a strong list of speakers representing 6 Nations and various backgrounds from military, industry, academia, and NGOs :

  • Gen Laubenthal (Deputy general inspector of the German army)
  • Col Reisner (Commander of the Vienna guard and well known for his Youtube updates on the war in ukraine)
  • Dr. Deniz Akitürk (Head of Rheinmetall Project solutions GmbH)
  • Nicolas Sanz Ernest (Partner Defence at Kearney)
  • Dr. Patrick Hofstetter (Professor for leadership and communication at the military academy at the ETH Zurich)
  • Dr. Alexander Schellong (Vice President Cybersecurity at Schwarz Group)
  • Anna Hohmann (Manager at PWC public sector)
  • Sophie Witte (Junior Policy Advisor at the Munich security conference) 

Registration ends on January 7, the discount code « CIOR » for 25%
will be valid until 31st of December.

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